Hipster Or Not, Enjoy Malo's $1 Taco Night

by Emily Green · July 13, 2010

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    Monday nights at Malo are the answer to taco-loving hipsters and wannabes alike on a budget, as long as they don't mind the 30-minute wait.  As part the Angeleno balanced diet of sushi, fro-yo, and cupcakes, tacos definitely make the top of the list. Countless food trucks and chains like Baja Fresh and Poquito Mas offering the Mexican fare line our city streets, but on Mondays, nothing beats the $1 deals at Malo.

    Much to the chagrin of local hipsters, mainstream folk from the west, and -- gasp -- even the Westside have caught on and been frequenting the Silver Lake eatery for Taco Night.  Its easterly location does act as a deterrent for many of the close-minded westsiders who would stand as the greatest threat to the vibe of the restaurant and complain about the Hot Chip playing in the background.

    But for the aspirants of alternative or indie, a Monday night at Malo for the cheap yet delicious tacos and counter-culture thrills is the perfect way to feel some hipster validation without actually being one or going beyond your comfort level. No need to cut bangs, move to Echo Park, or start wearing vintage-framed sunglasses. Come as you are and they'll give you a ring on your iPhone when your table's ready. There's even valet for you while the real hipsters ride their bikes.