Kick-Ass Cappuccino + Ambiance: Why Intelligentsia Is #1 On Our List Of L.A.'s Best Coffee

by Emily Green · November 9, 2011

    Here are two reasons to be excited about today: 1) We're almost halfway through the workweek (Happy Hump Day!), and 2) my weather forecast says it's going to be 80° tomorrow so I don't think Morgan or anyone else in the area will be needing the down jacket. But you're probably going to need a little more than that to get you to the weekend and if you're like me, it's probably something in the form of caffeine. In that case, I highly recommend hitting up Intelligentsia, numero uno on our top five favorite coffee spots in L.A.


    Firstly, they have probably the best cappuccino I've ever had in this town. It's so good that I don't even mind the fact that is has to be made with lowfat instead of skim milk which is generally a deal-breaker for me. You can taste the love they put into making it for you, as opposed to the commercialized assembly line situation at Starbucks. Also, they pour the foam in a heart design which means obviously means they care about you. That little cup of sunshine will no doubt put a pep in your step if you're in need of some pick-me-up. [photo via]

    [photo via]

    Also, the Silver Lake location has one of the best tile floors around. I have a thing for tile and mosaics so don't feel like you're the weirdo if that doesn't exactly fire you up. But I think we can agree it's kind of special, no? You can Instagram the shit out of it. And, as I learned a few days ago, if you go on a Sunday, they may be bumping some Missy Elliott. So based on product quality and ambiance, Intelligentsia makes spot number one on the list of our top five places for coffee in town. Go HERE to see what else made the list.

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