Les Deux Refuses To Die, Set To Reopen Yet Again As "Sadie"

by Alex Gilman · June 7, 2011

    You know how in those Friday The 13th movies, they stab Jason in the eyeballs and crush him under trucks but he just won't stay dead, until they have to blow him up with a cruise missile or whatever and even then he comes back in a sequel? Well, imagine that Jason used to be popular and then got really lame, and you have some idea of the saga of Les Deux, L.A.'s hottest nightspot at a time when gasoline was under $3 a gallon and Bernie Madoff was an investment genius. After the Dolce Group put the club out of its misery last year and resurrected it as failed gastropub Les Deux Estate, which lasted all of roughly six months, Les Deux is set to crawl out of its grave for one more go-around, this time as an upscale restaurant called Sadie. Third time's the charm?

    According to Eater LA, sometime this summer we can look forward to the grand opening of Sadie, which promises to feature much of the experienced food-and-beverage team that's been keeping 1638 N. Las Palmas on life support for the last several years, without the (in)famous name that tends to evoke thoughts of the mid-aughts, Paris Hilton, $14 martinis and bouncers that won't even look in your direction unless you've starred in at least two sextapes.

    Of course, in order to distance themselves from the old regime, they're going to have to create an image that stands on its own, which does seem to make you wonder why they chose to name the place after somebody's grandmother, but we'll get to that. We also wonder how much of the decor will remain from its last iteration as Les Deux Estate. Will those green chairs survive? What about the trashy coked-out celebuwannabes getting to third base on the couches? Will there still be phantom "open bar" events where no free alcohol is actually served? Will I still be able to see Andy Dick passed out in the bathroom? These are all currently open questions, but I promise you this: when we know, you'll know.

    Viva Les Deux!!! Sadie?