Pop-Up Ramen Takes Over Breadbar On West 3rd

by Emily Green · June 4, 2010

    First came pop-up shops, and now pop-up restaurants. Yes, the trend broadens next week at the busy intersection of West 3rd and Robertson. With the success of the pop-up shop concept, it's only natural that the restaurant world would want to hop on board and give the pop-up a go.

    Starting Tuesday, Breadbar has a new Asian flair to its cuisine with pop-up restaurant Yatai Ramen until June 24. The temporary post will be offering modern interpretations of traditional Japanese street food, such as ramen with creative spins that include foie gras, truffle oil and poached egg, as well gyoza and boba beverages.

    Yatai Ramen presents an exciting new option for the next time you're shopping around the wannabe celeb-saturated Robertson and fancy something a little more exciting than the tired sandwich or salad (Newsroom Cafe, Cuvee, The Ivy, etc...) for lunch. Just make sure you get there before it disappears.

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