Solar Power & Shepard Fairey Murals At Malibu's Cafe Habana (Debuting Tomorrow!)

by Emily Green · May 25, 2010

    After months of waiting for the opening of its first west coast location, Sean Meenan's Cafe Habana makes its grand debut tomorrow.  Eater scored some photos of the nearly-finished restaurant, and by the looks of it, it's going fit in quite nicely with the Malibu scene. Among the restaurant's features are a patio wall covered in a Shepard Fairey mural and fully stocked, bullet-riddled (not quite sure what that means since we can't really see from photos but it sounds pretty rad) bar.

    Under construction since September-ish, Cafe Habana will be the Malibu Lumber Yard's newest addition to it's spread of swank shops and eateries.  With trendy New Yorkers flocking regularly to their Nolita and Brooklyn locations, L.A. will finally have one of the Cuban cafe's for our own trendwhores to frequent.  And ours is solar-powered.  The timing is perfect -- just on the brink of summer when Malibu sees an influx of non-locals who come out to spend a hot day in the 'bu and hit the beach.  We're very excited to see what all the buzz is about an finally try some of that trendy pan-latino cuisine.

    [All photos via Eater]