That Goofy Princess Beatrice Hat Is Going For $30K

by Alex Gilman · May 18, 2011

    Maybe you're the dignified and stately type, who, for whatever reason, would rather your collectible items come from Royal high society, instead of a Mar Vista bowling alley like Jeff Bridges' authentic Big Lebowski sweater. Or maybe you just need something to put on top of your Christmas tree next year, and you're planning ahead.

    Regardless of your reasoning, if you've got the cash, eBay's got you covered. Princess Beatrice's now-infamous Royal Wedding chapeau is now up for auction, with the proceeds going to support UNICEF and Children In Crisis. The hat, whose design was inspired by two eels climbing over a donut, has itself inspired an outpouring of both adoration and snark from the chattering classes, including my own timeless analysis, which can be found here: "Best £2k I Ever Spent!" British Fashion Watch: Ridiculous Hats Of The Royal Wedding. But bring your wallet—bidding is already at 19,000 GBP (about $30,800), and there's three more days to bid. Hey, at least the shipping's free!

    Oh, and just for fun, Cat in the Hat!:

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