Are you or is someone you know a goy female interested in going to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday? If so, we have one golden ticket to give away to the right lucky girl. One of the most illustrious characters frequenting the GofG New York and Hamptons sites has touched down in Los Angeles for the weekend and we need to find him a date to help him look extra pretty at the Emmys this Sunday. But not just any date—she's got to be his ideal Shiksa, and he's been gracious enough to provide us with a list of her qualifications. Keep reading to see if you might meet his criteria and enter our contest to be Justin Ross Lee's shiksa date to the Emmys this Sunday!

For those who may not yet know of Justin Ross Lee, you're really missing out, so let's brief you JUSTIN case. This self-proclaimed "Supercharged Super Jew" is a fixture of the NY and Hamptons society and nightlife scenes whose shameless self-absorption, showboating, extravagant partying and "Jewjetting" ways have garnered him some considerable celebrity, something he'd be the first to tell you.

[Larry David and Justin Ross Lee do lunch in South Beach] His encounters with celebrities are well documented on his Facebook page, as well as the gossip columns. From sitting with Ashley Olsen in first class, to lunch with Larry David, and his latest with Betsey Johnson on the Hamptons Luxury Liner wherein she offered him some veteran fashion biz advice for his fledgling pocket square line, Pretentious Pocket (whose tags read "100% 'Fuck You' Silk") JRL is always up to something worthy of gawking at. I implore you all to take a gander at this interview he took the liberty of conducting with himself to get to understand this complexity of this Yenta-dodging bon vivant.

***Click through the slideshow to check out JRL's qualifications for his ideal shiksa Emmy date. To enter to be he his chosen shiksa for Sunday night, just tweet "@gofgLA I am your shiksa" and you'll be in the running!***