As promised, Justin Ross Lee has provided us with his photos chronicling his night at the 2011 Emmys. From stealing Gwyneth's thunder on the red carpet, cozying up with David Spade, Heidi Klum, Seal, Conan O'Brien and more, to shmoozing the night away at the almighty Governor's Ball, the moments captured are pretty spectacular. But lurking beneath the surface of JRL's night of Hollywood high-life living was news that would break just hours later of his filing for bankruptcy last month.

Yesterday, the NY Post published a story detailing JRL's bankruptcy documents filed in  a Manhattan court, and we have statement straight from the horse's mouth. Go HERE to see what JRL had to say when we asked him about his now publicized financial woes. But a little thing like being flat broke isn't going to get in the way of his shiksa-loving and lavish JewJetting, darling. Now, let's take a look at those photos in this slideshow with JRL's personal captions and see what happened when "the ego that attacked NYC" hit Hollywood for the Emmys.

[Go HERE to see the full gallery of photos of JRL at the 2011 Emmy and Governors Ball!]