Who's In Brent Bolthouse's New Saturday Night Posse?

by guestofaguest · November 11, 2010

    Saturday night we saw minister of L.A. nightlife Brent Bolthouse running around Hollywood in a trench coat and Chucks with an unlikely posse of familiar faces. In spite of our surprise at this unusual amalgam of quasi-famous characters and the fact that he's at least 12 years their senior, it kind of made sense as they all piled into a Prius and took off into the night...

    So which night-crawling Hollywood kids were hip enough to roll with the Bolthouse posse when they stopped by Taryn Manning and Michelle Marie's birthday party at h.wood? Are these the newest members of his tribe? And what's their connection to Mr. Bolthouse, anyway?

    The Bolthouse Saturday Night Posse

    Tyler Shields

    He's the controversial L.A. photographer with a penchant for sexually-charged, often gory imagery in photos and portraits of young celebrities. Maybe you've seen his racy portraits of Lindsay Lohan playing with a gun? [Photo via]

    Shields is also known for being a bit eccentric and recently made headlines for supposedly staying awake for 40 straight nights.

    And there are almost always shocking surprises when Shields is involved—he's famous for stunts, like his alcohol-less party to celebrate his "Collisions" collection where he shot someone with a gun (he was wearing a bullet-proof vest) and girls got naked. For entertainment value, of course.

    Bolthouse connection: Both have night owl tendencies and have attended many of the same events and social functions. They share a similar ability of lending relevance and fame to young starlets with Hollywood dreams; for Shields, they're his photo subjects, for Bolthouse, his VIP guests. Recently, the two have been spending more quality time together, like real BFFs would with some Halloween partying and even hit up the Florence & The Machine show Monday night at the Wiltern.

    Andy Janbek, Alessandra Torresani, Tyler Shields, Brent Bolthouse [via]

    Shenae Grimes

    The 21-year-old actress and star of "90210" has definitely been establishing herself as a figure on the L.A. social scene since relocating here from Canada two-ish years ago. She even had her 21st birthday party at David Arquette's new project at the Roosevelt, Beacher's Madhouse, a few weeks ago as documented by thecobrasnake.

    Bolthouse connection: As a young TV starlet and frequent Hollywood red carpet fixture, the two have crossed paths at numerous events. Grimes attended the opening of Bolthouse's photography exhibition last summer, albeit with most of the other boldface names from TV and reality shows who manage an invite to anything with a step and repeat within a 5-mile radius thanks to their fiercely aggressive publicists. But more specifically, the two sat together at Derek Blasberg's book party at Mr. Chow back in May (...and the rest is history?).

    Regardless of the depth of their relationship, it's no surprise Shenae and Brent have made a connection and are clubbing buddies now that she's actually legally allowed inside them. [Photo via]

    Leven Rambin

    She's another young TV actress about town who currently stars in "Scoundrels" and even at the tender age of 20, the former blond (now redhead) has a considerable track record of running in socialite circles.

    Despite her relocation from NYC to L.A., Rambin's had no trouble making friends in high places on the left coast. She even met her fiance Geoff Clark through mutual friend and fellow Saturday night Bolthouse posse member, Tyler Shields. The two have a very close relationship which has yielded numerous portraits of Rambin, some even with Clark, shot by Shields.

    Shields' photos of Leven Rambin, Leven Rambin and Geoff Clark [via]

    Bolthouse connection: Although not quite legal yet, Rambin was known to frequent night spots and be a staple of the party circuit even before she moved to L.A. Since she made it out west, she's translated her status on the L.A. scene and popped up at events and clubs around town, many of which Bolthouse was involved with in some capacity.  Although they were spotted hanging out at the E! Oscar party in March, we're thinking the main Rambin-Bolthouse nexus is Shields due to his closeness with Rambin and recent bromance with the nightlife impresario.

    Tyler Shields, Leven Rambin at his Collisions party [via]