Artist Breaks Up With Us Via Billboard: "I Love You LA. I'm Just Not In Love With You"

by Emily Green · December 23, 2010

    Sure, we have a reputation for being a little intense but we can take a hint; we saw He's Just Not That Into You. Jon Jackson didn't have to go take out a billboard, let alone FIVE, ending his relationship with L.A. But evidently the artist wanted to be dramatic and let the whole city know he's leaving us for another one.

    5/5 located at Highland between Santa Monica and Melrose:

    In preparation for his move from Los Angeles, his home for many years, to NYC, Jackson couldn't just bow out like most do. Our city being his first love, Jackson decided he needed a clean breakup with his us and launched 'Adios L.A'. His full-blown breakup campaign consists of five billboards around major L.A. roads displaying original graphics advertising he's ending things. Maybe you've seen them? In case not, you'll be able to get your breakup lover letter until January 15th. Even the most relationship-challenged in L.A. will get the message loud and clear when they see them because you know it's over when he takes out a billboard. 3/5 located at Venice and La Cienega:

    1/5 located at Lincoln and Washington:

    4/5 located at Beverly Blvd and N. La Brea:

    2/5 "Sorry LA, It's Over" at top located at Olympic and 26th.

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