Car Of The Day: Larry Flynt's #1 Hustler Bentley Arnage

by Emily Green · June 19, 2012

    One of the beautiful things about having our office located in a bustling center of commerce that attracts all kinds of characters is we needn't go any further than mere steps out the door whenever we want to see something strange or otherwise noteworthy. With no effort from our end, the weird comes to us. While I wouldn't really describe it as weird, seeing Larry Flynt's famous Bentley pulled into the outrageously overpriced 76 gas station around the corner while walking through the 'hood yesterday was certainly an unusual but welcome surprise.

    As you can see, when not rolling in his golden wheelchair, the baller of ballers smut mogul pushes this Bentley Arnage worth several hundred thousand dollars. Or rather is transported in it by his driver; some people drive, others are driven. And just so no one ever mistakes the Flynt mobile, he's provided HUSTLR vanity plates with "HUSTLER: AMERICA'S #1" emblazoned across the frames. Respect.