[Garage doors were up for the packed bar scene at Rumors] Green and orange wristbands glistened on the wrists on many throughout the streets of Washington D.C.'s Dupont Circle this past weekend. The beautiful Saturday called for plenty of "normal" trends like green hair/body decor and roof top parties. Even President Obama celebrated with some Guinness. Green flooded the urban streets, dance floors and glass pitchers making for the year's ultimate day of Irish debauchery-- the way St. Patrick would have liked it, of course. It's not hard to tell who mastered the mightiest Irish celebratory uniform with these many top contenders. Now, all of you who threw on a lame green polo should feel disappointed for your lack of holiday effort, even if you think you went above and beyond when you popped your collar. Here are the top trends of the holiday:

[More Irish heads at Rumors][Green beer flowed from the taps at The Lucky Bar]