City Of Beverly Hills' Age-Defying Skin Care Line

by THEO HENDRIX · August 19, 2010

    Some cities are busy organizing civic service projects and restructuring budgets to help better their community. But not Beverly Hills! Eww, budgets?! No, BH focuses more on the important things in life, like looking ageless. If you've been on an endless quest to look just like the dames of the 90210, look no further, because the city has just furnished its very own skin care line! Don't believe us? The official Beverly Hills emblem is right on the package so you know it's for real.



    Joan Collins, Nikki HaskellFor just $60 a pop, the Beverly Hills Beauty anti-aging products can be yours in October -- and rumor has it that the secret to these miracle creams is the drop of Candy Spelling's own DNA in every bottle!  With this momentous breakthrough in skin care, your allure will rival that of the ladies who call the posh little city home.  Dreams of attaining the beauty of women like Nikki Haskell, Kathy Hilton and Joan Collins can finally come true!

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