Dinner And A Movie Night At Umami Burger

by Zoe Brunn · July 28, 2010

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    Each week Umami Burger, home of one the city's best burgers, puts their own spin on the classic dinner and a movie night with a free flick at their joint in Space 15 Twenty.

    It all started when some film-loving staff members wanted to include some independent filmmaking in the mix while folks chowed down on miso burgers and tempera onion rings.  For some reason, last night's film was Rent... Yeah, not really what we had in mind.  What happened to our low budget indie flicks?  Let's hope last night's selection was just a hiccup in the regular movie lineup so fries and truffle burgers don't become the main focus of Dinner and a Movie night, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Check out Umami Burger's dinner and a movie next week to keep your Tuesday's chill with some independent cinema and juicy burgers. You might even bump into Drew Barrymore, who's been known to stop in for an indie short here and there.