From Malibu With Love: Happy Juneuary!

by THEO HENDRIX · January 24, 2011

    We really feel for our poor NYC team right now seeing as the high there today was a whopping 19°F. The HIGH. Not to rub it in their faces, but we have been having a ridiculously lovely January and I even made it out to Malibu yesterday with part of team GofG L.A. Check out my beach hair...

    Anyway, the point is not how amazing I look on the beach, but that even with all of its faults, L.A. does not suck. Especially not at the moment now that the whole Industry has shipped off to freakin' Utah. Ugh, do they have to come back? Isn't there a way we can make them just stay there...?? While I think of how to make that happen, just appreciate what January in L.A. means and get to the beach.

    And NYC team, maybe it's time to plan an escape out west and come visit? Surfs up, COWABUNGA DUDES!