How 'Bout That Rain? Videos From The Field

by Emily Green · March 21, 2011

    L.A.'s first official day of spring was quite unlike any other, at least since 1943 which held the record rainfall until yesterday's doozy of a storm. That was scary Jurassic Park-status rain. Watch some stunning sights of L.A. underwater in these videos shot by fellow Angelenos who didn't know what else to do but document the biblical downpour.

    In all my 20+ years living in L.A. I don't think I've ever seen a such an aggressive, merciless rain like yesterday's, setting new rainfall records for SoCal. As one of the most hideous days of L.A. weather in recorded history, it (literally) couldn't have been a worse day to go out running, let alone for 26 miles, but that's exactly what over 20,000 seemingly sane individuals did in yesterday's L.A. Marathon. Meanwhile, most of the rest of us stayed indoors to suck our thumbs in the fetal position as we watched the sky fall.  Check out these videos shot by your friends and neighbors across the city from the day L.A. was under-the-sea themed.

    The streets of the suburbs in a quaint L.A. neighborhood become flowing rivers...

    Tennis, anyone?

    Cars double as boats across a major intersection:

    No need to head for the mountains when you can go white water rafting in our own L.A. River [via]: