VIDEO: See L.A. Without Cars & People

by Emily Green · March 15, 2011

    Perhaps you've seen the photo series "Empty L.A" by Matt Logue depicting our city's busy streets and highways devoid of any human activity. What's usually congested with cars and people is completely deserted, rendering some stunning images that make familiar turf look like foreign lands. Put these in video format against some Radiohead and you have "Running On Empty".

    You've probably dreamed of a car-less L.A. while trying to get from the west side to the east side between the hours of 3pm and 6:30pm as you contemplate abandoning your vehicle where it is to set off on foot which you're convinced has to be faster. But check out Ross Ching's video inspired by "Empty L.A." to see what it would really look like if your dreams came true...

    [Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo via tumbLAngeles]

    A little eerie, no? Especially with Thom Yorke whimpering in the background. But we can't say we wouldn't mind having a car-less L.A. or the entire city set to some nice Radiohead background music every once in a while.