Still Wondering What You Think The Ugliest Intersection In L.A. Is

by Emily Green · March 9, 2011

    Earlier this week we talked a bit about what might possibly be the ugliest intersection in all of Los Angeles in light of Kurt Anderson's nomination for Olympic and Sepulveda. He's right, it is exceptionally hideous and depressing. But what do you think? Know another one that can top his? How about these?:

    Van Nuys Blvd. and Sherman Way

    Sepulveda and Exposition. (or, alternatively, Sepulveda & Anything)

    Fountain and Fairfax

    Highland and Santa Monica

    Robertson and Venice

    We thought of a few, and Alex his own thoughts on the issue, specifically in West L.A. They're all ugly. But which do you think is the most heinous? What else belongs in the running? Think about what set of L.A.'s forsaken cross streets lowers your serotonin the most. We want to know. Let's bitch about it, together.