Is Olympic & Sepulveda The Ugliest Intersection In L.A.?

by Emily Green · March 7, 2011

    Guys, we have a really important and pressing issue we'd like you to weigh in on. Yesterday, former NY Magazine editor Kurt Anderson sent a tweet nominating Olympic and Sepulveda as the ugliest intersection in all of L.A. Now, I'm not disputing that it is a truly hideous forsaken little eyesore of the city that lowers my serotonin. I've even thought about how unattractive it is prior to Anderson's tweet while sitting at its lights for eons, but the ugliest? Quite a bold statement as there are a vast, seemingly infinite, number of contenders for this this title, it's almost overwhelming.

    His tweet has prompted a serious debate on the issue and the LA Times wants to know what we think.  So what is the most supremely heinous intersection in L.A.?

    Here's what some have nominated:

    "How about Lankershim & Vineland in North Hollywood? That one is just plain NASTY!!!"

    Any street and Western

    "Wilshire and La Brea that Samsung building ugh so ugly"

    Van Nuys Blvd. and Sherman Way

    "Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd., in a mess of a 6-way intersection with Hillhurst Ave. and Virgil Ave., and the lights take so long to change that people have time to rent movies and keep the Blockbuster Video on the corner in business"

    "Sunset and Alvarado is pretty heinous."

    "Just about every intersection along both Olympic Boulevard and Venice Boulevard is ugly. In terms of most surprisingly ugly, I nominate the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Cienega. It's surprising because it's in West Hollywood, which is a city that cares about design, and because it's surrounded by attractive residential neighborhoods. Yet, every building at the intersection is horrendously ugly."

    Sepulveda & Exposition. (or, alternatively, Sepulveda & Anything)

    "Any corner that has four gas stations - one on each corner -is sickeningly ugly. Adams & Crenshaw, for example."

    Santa Monica & Western

    Fountain and Fairfax

    Any intersection bordering the Beverly Center is ugly...because of the Beverly Center.

    Some great nominations there but here are three others we think definitely belong in the running for Ugliest L.A. Intersection:

    Church and Sunset

    Highland and Santa Monica

    Robertson and Venice

    There are many more and we'd like to hear what you have to say, so keep the conversation going and comment/email with your thoughts on the most heinous L.A. street corners and intersections.

    [Top and bottom photo via Google Maps]