It's Monday, But At Least We're In L.A.: 7 Reasons To Be Glad You're Here Today

by Emily Green · February 7, 2011

    Got a case of the Mondays? Maybe you're still paying for seconds and thirds on the nachos and wings at yesterday's Super Bowl festivities, reeling from that abominable BEP performance, or just generally bummed the weekend is over. Mondays are inherently rough for everyone but just think how much worse today would be if we were anywhere but here. These are 7 reasons this beautiful L.A. Monday isn't so bad, and actually kind of rocks. [Photo via]

    1) We really taco L.A., don't you? Now you can show the world how you much you love our hometown and its most delicious snack with this shirt for just $20. Declare your taco! [Photo via]

    2) The Lakers are now 35-16 after a Saturday night's game against the Hornets during which Pau Gasol unleashed the beast, getting a season-high of 34 points and 10 rebounds. We expect an encore tonight against the Grizzlies.

    3) It's February but today's forecast is "pleasant with sunshine" and a high of 78º—the very definition of perfect weather. In fact, the entire week looks like it's going to be nothing short of gorgeous. Plus, the risk of weather-related colds is lowered today!

    Let's see what February weather this week means in other parts of the country:

    Highlights from NYC and Chicago forecasts:

    41 mph winds.

    L.A.'s low for the week is warmer than both cities' highs.

    See those dashes in front of the temperatures? Those are negative signs.

    "1º RealFeel® -12º" is proof the midwest is Mother Nature's redheaded stepchild of the U.S.


    4) Oh cute, they get snow and stuff in those places. If we want a taste of winter this week, we have to go ice skating at an open-air rink in 75°+ weather all the way in Santa Monica. I guess we should wear our bathing suits under our clothes because as long as we're out there, we might as well walk (walk, not drive!) a few blocks to the beach to catch some rays. Or just wear a tank top and get a tan whilst skating. [Photo via]



    5) Barbie is moving to town, permanently! You'll be able to visit her at LACMA whenever you like after she relocates there this fall.

    Modern-day Barbie and original Barbie of 1959. [Photo via]

    6) Before catching a showing at Laemmle's Sunset 5 of Troubadours, Morgan Neville's documentary about singer-songwriters on the rock scene between 1968 and 1975, you can cruise by the famous Troubadour venue at the heart of the music movement and focal point of the film. [Photo via]

    7) Tonight is the 6 Year Anniversary celebration of Bent Mondays at The Bar aka Bronson Bar. Roll on over early for complimentary drinks and get down with your inner eastsider to some New Wave and indie. And yes, you can wear your denim cutoffs.