JetBlue Offers $4 Flights Between Burbank & Long Beach For Carmageddon Weekend

by Emily Green · July 13, 2011

    For real, though. If you're struggling with what the hell you're supposed to do this weekend when they close the 405 and the world implodes consider JetBlue's $4 Carmageddon weekend flight special.

    In response to the logistical nightmare the 405 closure is expected to cause Los Angeles and surrounding areas this weekend, JetBlue has launched their "Car-mageddon Fly-Over" campaign: $4 fares for flights between Burbank and Long Beach on Saturday June 16th. This won't solve the issue of how you'll get to the airport on Saturday, but it is an alternative route worth exploring if you plan on leaving the house at some point this weekend.

    For more on how to cope this weekend if you're an Angeleno staying local, check the official GofG L.A. Carmageddon weekend survival guide.