L.A. Keeps Cool At Swimming With Sharks

by guestofaguest · July 26, 2010

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    Now that the June gloom has finally melted away, southern Californians can take advantage of any opportunity to throw a pool party. This weekend's pool party of choice was at The Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A. where there were free jello shots, water gun fights, and dancing among other things.

    Guests lounged poolside while they drank champagne and got their tan on with the rooftop rays. Several DJ's spun throughout the day, and dance floor gave partiers room to move to their music and indulge their buzz.

    The pool provided everyone with a place for a nice refreshing dip to splash around in if things got too hot in the sun. No pool party would be complete without a giant water gun fight. There were several ambushes on unsuspecting guests, and we think there's a pretty good chance things may have even led to a wet t-shirt contest...