Venice Beach Has Some Sick Sand Castles

by Emily Green · July 26, 2010

    Venice Beach[Photo via Yo! Venice!] Have you guys seen those ridiculously awesome sand castles in Venice? They surely put any you've ever built to shame. But it's okay; they were clearly built by specialists in the field who have carefully honed skills in the art of sand castle construction. The sandy monoliths are roped off on Venice Beach near the pier, and it looks like they've posted up a guard to keep watch and thwart any thrill-seeking ruffians looking to trample them (so don't get any ideas!).

    But this is not art for art's sake: as Yo! Venice! called yesterday, they're for a car PR display.  The president of Ford North America will be swinging by at noon to give a promotional presentation of the new 2011 Ford Explorers. However, we're way more excited about the sand castles than the new cars, aren't you?  We're not sure what is to become of them once the presentation is over and they've served their purpose, but it's worth a trip over there to call dibs on trampling them if you're so inclined.