Over 400 Weed Shops Must Close Today

by Emily Green · June 7, 2010

    So remember when we told you about that new ordinance that would force over 400 of L.A.'s weed shops to shut down? Well, my friends the day has come.  If served with a notice to cease operations, marijuana dispensaries all over the city were given until today to close their doors for good and will be shutting down if they haven't already. Their closures are a grim reality for a city that's enjoyed the luxury of being able of legally purchase weed as easily as stopping for gas.

    Since 2007, hundreds of the Cannabis Clubs have sprung up all over town, to the point where you could be within about 3 commercial blocks of one at any given time.  Now, the shops that dotted our streets with their green medical crosses and lent us bragging rights to all of our friends who live out of town will disappear just as quickly they arrived.  To find out if your neighborhood weed shop is getting the shutter, see this map (of doom).

    Doomed Weed Shop Map