Photo Of The Day: ANOTHER (!!) Naked Man Graces The 405

by Emily Green · April 5, 2011

    naked man on 405Oh 405, who knew you were such a sexy devil? Most of us hate you and damn you to hell, daily. But this morning, one man in West L.A. found you so irresistible that he threw himself at you in all his glory running naked as the day he was born across your inferior surface. As the SECOND time in less than a year you've coaxed a man into submitting his bare body, balls and all, in broad daylight, you must tell us the secret to your seductive powers. [Photo via @KevinTScott]

    If only we could have half of the 405's temptress abilities, maybe we wouldn't have to spend so much time at Paul & Andre. And why, 405, are you an evil bitch, good for nothing more than dependable congestion with depressing panoramic views, to us? But to our friend today who gave morning commuters a little full frontal to kickstart their day, a fetching sex goddess? Was it his black socks? Sure, he ran down the Santa Monica Blvd. exit ramp and proceeded to attack a female pedestrian, but that was only because you refused him. You also made an exception for another male caller who stood perched atop the center divider stark naked for your taking back in July.

    Okay, these men have beautiful bodies and today he even had some sexy black socks to complete the vision, but still. It's not fair. Why them, 405? Why them?

    [Go HERE for our story on the naked man perched atop the 405's center divider in July!]