Photo Of The Day: Inside Hemingway's

by Emily Green · October 22, 2010

    We went to Hemingway's this week on a night when it wasn't dead and it was actually fun.  Who knew having some people you don't really care about in the venue could make for a more enjoyable experience? The music was on point thanks to Will Crimes and the drinks were delicious. Okay, so the ones we got were a tad tall and with the big sprig of mint garnish kind of felt like we should be drinking them out of Krazy Straws, spring break style. Whatever, kinda fun, right? Aside from the random poster of Joaquin Phoenix for I'm Not There on the wall behind the bar, the decor and space is beautiful. We think it could make for a great holiday party venue... Hmm...

    [Photo by Steven Meiers]