Summer Wonders Of Venice Boardwalk

by Emily Green · June 8, 2010

    Go HERE for a full gallery of photos from Venice Boardwalk!

    With Memorial Day came gorgeous weather and the first real taste of a glorious L.A. summer, our favorite time of year for this town. The next few months will be perfect for cruising Venice Boardwalk, so if you haven't been in a while, it's time to get reacquainted with all of it's fine features and oddities.

    Where else can you have your fortune told, buy some art, get evaluated for a prescription of marijuana, dance with Hare Krishnas, and enjoy rooftop cocktails while overlooking Anjelica Huston's "fortress" in a single afternoon? Oh, and check out the skate park -- do not forget about that! It's a treat to see some of the little kids there school the big boys and it's not unusual for a pro to stop by and put on free show.

    With so much to offer, the boardwalk should definitely be on your list of weekend destinations, and we can brush you up on what to expect there with these photos from an afternoon cruise down the sandy pathway of wonders.