Take Notes On Making Your Yard Sale Awesome

by Emily Green · April 29, 2010

    Leave it to The Cobrasnake to make even a yard sale look pretty rad.  Normally, yard sales to don't call to mind visions of weekend fun in the sun and are probably the sort of thing you've made a point not to engage in on your free time. The one he went to this weekend will definitely change your perception of the potential for something as lame as a yard sale to be an enjoyable, and even a bit wild, weekend activity.

    As always, he snapped a gaggle of hip, dirty, L.A. kids doing their thing in their natural habitat, the wilds of Hollywood. The requisite Steve Aoki appearance, a topless girl, beer and ice cream were also part of the equation. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday.  If you're now thinking you want to have your own yard sale, here are some things you'll need to make it awesome...

    1. Beer: when drinking it in the sun people tend to get a little loopy if they have no place to be, not to mention a bit more inclined to spend. Suddenly that old Britney Spears concert shirt and useless trinket your aunt bought you back from her trip to Costa Rica you've put out for the sale become must-haves.

    2. Friends who like beer: you have them and you'll need them there early to get things going and ensure the merriment lasts throughout the day.  Just make sure you have enough beer to go around.

    3. Music: preferably provided by a DJ, which shouldn't be to hard to arrange seeing as everyone and their mother seems to have a side DJ career these days.  If there's music, there's a very good chance the day-drinking will lead to dancing.

    Steve Aoki

    4. A food truck: Everyone loves food trucks and ice cream is probably your best bet if it's a warm day. But everyone likes tacos and Kogi so you really can't go wrong as long as a food truck is in involved.

    5. A camera: people seem to respond well to cameras in casual social situations and take them as cue to turn on the wild side and create a spectacle, which always makes for great fun at a gathering.

    [All photos via thecobrasnake]