The Difference Between L.A. And NYC Girls

by Emily Green · December 21, 2010

    Remember that thing I said about New Yorkers being tougher when it comes to weather? Well that goes double for the women of NYC.

    This photo was taken from the window of the cab I took into work one morning after I looked up the weather which was a whopping "21° feels like 7°." This section was actually the end of the line of women, the beginning of which was wrapped around the corner of the block at the entrance. WHY???

    "Shiver me timbers, are these bitches crazy? There better be a Beatle signing or Kate Moss giving away her wardrobe" I thought to myself as the only acceptable explanation for the tremendous line of females standing out in the frigid weather. Nope. Just an Alexander Wang sample sale. Listen, I think I can speak for all L.A. girls who love us some A. Wang when I say I would never subject myself to this. We're just not built for it.