The Santa Monica Food Truck Lot Is The New Mall Food Court

by Zoe Brunn · October 1, 2010

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    After a small scuffle with zoning enforcement and much planning, the official Santa Monica Food Truck Lot opened for business on Tuesday. As one might presume, it's literally an entire parking lot designated for food trucks, kind of like mobile, open-air food court.

    The many food trucks posted up all around Los Angeles have been lifesavers for everyone at one point or another, so there's no question we're excited about the new weekly food truck lot in Santa Monica. Whether it's a much needed burrito after a long day in the office or a few tacos to satisfy a case of late night munchies, Los Angeles loves its food trucks and will definitely be taking advantage of the new mobile eatery haven.

    The food truck mecca on Main St and Ocean Parkway Blvd was packed with hungry guests eager to fill their stomachs at its grand debut. And attendees chowed down for a good cause; the money raised at the trucks benefited The California Heritage Museum. The lot is shared with fairly snooty establishment, The Victorian House, who loosened up a bit and supplied drinks and seating at the opening. The venue even acted as the unofficial after party spot that was surely the cause of late arrivals to the office on Wednesday morning. If you missed the kick off, hopefully you'll stumble upon the catered oasis one Tuesday when your hunger pains set in!

    To keep up with which purveyors of the meals on wheels are participating each week, check the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot's Calendar.