Trends Explode With The New Cupcakes A GoGo Truck

by Emily Green · May 4, 2010

    We totally saw this coming, it was inevitable.  Two of L.A.'s biggest trends in food culture have finally fused to create Cupcakes a GoGo, a food truck that sells the tasty treats curbside to Angelenos in need of a sugar shot.



    The GoGo truck made its debut this weekend on Abbot-Kinney in Venice, the unofficial go-to spot for food truck launches, a fad that has ruffled some of the locals' feathers.

    Cupcakes a GoGo

    The cupcakes are each crowned with their respective principle ingredients, such as an Oreo or raspberry, and come packaged in those little Chinese take-out boxes. Now, we like food trucks and we like cupcakes, but the box takes this whole thing to a level of trend-whore cutesy that we're not too comfortable with, but we can see others finding it just too adorable for words.

    Cupcakes a GoGoCupcakes a GoGo

    The meteoric rise of the cupcake in L.A. is remarkable, and we're not quite sure how it started but it shows no signs of slowing down. Now with a food truck, cupcakes have really come a long way, ousting both brownies and doughnuts from their reigning positions in the dessert world.  In the midst of this cupcake revolution which has taken L.A. by storm, becoming the ubiquitous snack staple that no event is complete without, a food truck is the next logical step.

    To find out where you can get yourself a curbside treat from the pink-striped mobile, you can follow Cupcakes AGoGo on Twitter and Facebook, which sort of completes this explosion of fads all rolled into one... Cupcakes + food trucks + Twitter = trend-whore trifecta.

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