VIDEO: The Venice Whole Foods Parking Lot Has Rap Song

by Alex Gilman · June 15, 2011

    As a neighbor of the 99¢ Store, the Venice Whole Foods Parking Lot was once an only-in-SoCal melting pot, where Lululemon-clad Yoga moms seeking probiotic yogurt banged shopping carts up against Venice transients. But more recently, the parking lot has metastasized into a crowded, obnoxious yuppie pick-up spot that could easily be mistaken for a Prius-only Toyota dealership.

    And yet, nobody ever wrote a rap song about it. Until now.

    Presenting "Whole Foods Parking Lot," the first video venture from LA/SF comedy collective Fog & Smog. In the video, DJ Dave (aka David Wittman) and friend-of-GofG L.A. DJ Spider break down the unique frustrations of trying to thug it out in the 90291, from "[being] on edge ever since they took Kombucha off the shelf" to "tryin' to find a decent pinot noir for under twenty." We don't really want to spoil it any more than that, except to say it's definitely worth your time:

    Oh yeah, and the best part? Whole Foods loves it, with this article quoting praise from their Global VP of Communications and their national Media Relations Coordinator. It's always nice to see a giant, overbearing corporation grow a sense of humor.

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