VIDEO: "Whole Foods Parking Lot" Rappers Fog & Smog Return With "Yoga Girl"

by Alex Gilman · November 28, 2011

    Happy Monday, everyone! We hope your Thanksgiving was fulfilling and restful. However, while you were chowing down or arguing with your uncle who thinks Fox News is real, the guys who brought you the brilliant "Whole Foods Parking Lot" music video about the infamous lot of the store's Lincoln Blvd branch were hard at work expanding their rap-based chronicle of all things Venice. Next up for Fog & Smog? The mystical, complex world of Hot Yoga Chicks. Keep reading to see the brand new video they just dropped.

    That's right, the latest from DJ Dave, Barney Kook, J Pusha and our pal DJ Spider has the crew lusting after those legendary queens of Rose Ave, the impossibly fit, impossibly flexible ladies of Yoga Works, YAS, Soma, and every other Yoga studio that might have given you a neck injury as you whip your head around walking down Abbot Kinney. Of course, you'd expect the guys who ghost-rode a Prius and referenced Kombucha in their previous video to uncork some gems, and they don't disappoint, figuring out a way to name-drop Urth Caffe and RAWvolution, make the word "Vinyasa" sound really dirty, and use "Namaste" as a rejection. The coterie of honest-to-Boddhisatva yoga hotties posing and rapping in the video certainly doesn't hurt, either. [Editor's Note: Oh hai, Crystal Fambrini!]

    We don't want to ruin any more of the fun for you, so check out the video above, or watch it on the Fog & Smog website. It just went up yesterday, so while everyone else at your office is still burping up turkey (or, um, Tofurkey), you may just end up with something actually entertaining to share. Wait, we're not ready to move on yet, we need one last look at Spider as the meditating yogi DJ:

    DJ Spider

    Still not done.

    ....Aaaand we're good.