West Hollywood Jesus Vs. Crazy Robertson

by Emily Green · October 12, 2010

    They're embraced and celebrated by society's most upscale neighborhoods, have become icons within the L.A. community, and they share common turf. But long before Jesus of West Hollywood began making the rounds up and down Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard, there was Crazy Robertson. The L.A. icon made a name for himself dancing on the eponymous strip of high-end shops and famous restaurants where has-beens and wannabes flock seeking relevance. And amid a constant brigade of fame-starved celebs and paps, he still emerged as the true star of Robertson.

    But we've barely heard a peep on Crazy Robertson in the last six months, while Jesus' celebrity has experienced a meteoric rise in L.A.'s cult of fame. So has Jesus ousted Crazy Robertson from his reign as king of WeHo's most fabulous and popular street characters? The only way to find out was to put the two head to head:

    Round 1: Daytime Activities

    Jesus can be seen grabbing coffee, browsing whole foods and interacting with the community on the day-to-day. [Photo via]

    Crazy Robertson is in a perpetual state of Saturday Night Fever and spends his days dancing with conviction in front of the Robertson boutiques like Shitson Kitson.

    Crazy Robertson +1

    Round 2: Fashion

    Jesus rocks loose-fitting white and muted-color linen ensembles.

    Crazy Robertson wears black spandex, usually roller skates, and a variety of tops, from bright colored tanks to black hoodies.

    Since he's kind of a fashion risk-taker, Crazy Robertson +2

    [Photo via]

    Round 3: Fanciest Hair

    Jesus has as an impressive, full beard and thick, lustrous tresses.

    Crazy Robertson too has a beard and long, thick hair which he accentuates with his signature visor.

    Although Cray Cray gets fancy with up-dos sometimes, this one's going to have to go to Jesus since he gets his hair did at West Hollywood's Essensuals London salon. We're dead serious... Blow-outs with a round brush. [Photo via] Jesus +1, Crazy Robertson +2

    Round 4: Social Networking

    Jesus not only has a Facebook page and blog dedicated to his sightings, but also a Twitter where everyone can keep tabs on his daily whereabouts.

    Crazy also has a Facebook fan page, but a MySpace that looks like it hasn't been updated in ages and no Twitter.

    Jesus +2, Crazy Robertson +2

    Round 5: Man About Town-ness

    Jesus has been spotted everywhere, from XIV to Skybar to grabbing a bite at Saddle Ranch.

    Crazy Robertson's favorite spot is in front of the American Apparel on Robertson so he can watch his reflection while dancing in the window and interact with the locals stopping in for some more multicolored V-necks.

    Jesus +3, Crazy Robertson +2

    Round 6: Iconic Status

    Jesus gets invited to exclusive corporate events and was apparently at Seth MacFarlane's extravagant birthday blowout celebration on Saturday night with the rest of Hollywood.

    There's an entire clothing line inspired by Crazy Robertson sold at Kitson. [Photo via]

    Crazy Robertson takes this one since he's immortalized by fashion. Jesus +3, Crazy Robertson +3


    Round 7: Hipness Within WeHo's Gay Community

    Jesus was right there in in the middle of everything with his fellow human rights activists and same-sex marriage supporters at the Prop 8 rally in West Hollywood Park this summer.

    Crazy Robertson has been dancing on roller skates in spandex on Robertson Boulevard for as long as we can remember.


    FINAL TALLY: Jesus +4, Crazy Robertson +3.

    Based on our comparison, it looks like Cray Cray and his street team are really going to have to step up their famewhore game if he's going to reclaim the title from Jesus as the king of the most fabulous characters gracing/skating the streets of WeHo. We're thinking a first step might be a Twitter...?

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