Why The Rodarte Sisters Won't Leave L.A. + Their Guide To The City

by Emily Green · April 28, 2011

    Kate and Laura MulleavyIf you do fashion, you go to NYC, and if you do entertainment, you go to L.A. That's the general rule of thumb should you decide to pursue a career in either of those industries. L.A., you know I'm yours, but I feel like I'm perpetuating a really bad, embarrassing lie when I call it "LA Fashion Week." Maybe "LA Fashion Appreciation Week" or even "Fashion Awareness Week" would be more appropriate, but suggesting it's among the ranks of NYFW is borderline crazy. No, not borderline, it's actually plain crazy. However, the two sisters behind Rodarte, the highly sought after fashion line responsible for the costumes in Black Swan, have no intention of leaving their SoCal roots for NYC.

    [Photo via] In fact, Pasadena natives Kate and Laura Mulleavy admittedly couldn't produce what they've garnered the attention of the fashion world for in any place but L.A. In an interview for the LA Times, Kate refers to this kook town as Rodarte's "creative space" and explains,

    "California and Los Angeles are so interrelated to our creative process. Some people might not need to be close to the things that inspire them, but it's important to us."

    Rodarte Spring/Summer 2011 backstage via

    Emma Watson, Kate Bosworth[Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth wearing Rodarte via] You hear that, NY? Despite our abundance of Juicy suits, Uggs, and bedazzled cellphone cases enough to trick out an entire third-world country, L.A. can breed sophistication and even high fashion. For the Mulleavys, staying here is working considering what they've been able to accomplish with the line since its 2005 inception. Nowness asked the Rodarte sisters for a list of their 10 favorite alternative hangouts in their hometown and their answers give an interesting glimpse into what it is about L.A. that inspires them.  Among those mentioned were The Natural History Museum, Olvera Street, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery and The Magic Castle.  Go HERE to see Rodarte's complete guide to their top unexpected L.A. spots.

    It seems almost unnatural for a high fashion design team getting the kind of praise and acknowledgment from the fashion industry Rodarte has seen to be L.A.-based without any plans of ditching the sun, stoners, traffic, and botox for NY where people take it all more "seriously". But I'm not complaining. I'm proud to call Rodarte a product of L.A. and will gladly claim those bragging rights for as long as the Mulleavy sisters are locals (and will still even if they leave one day).

    [Top photo of Kate and Laura Mulleavy via]