Eavesdropping In: Man Smuggles 5.7 lbs Of Cocaine In Chickens From Brazil To Nigeria; RIP Michael Clarke Duncan; Charles Manson's New Album Available On Vinyl; Lana Del Rey Is Screenwriting; Michelle Obama Kicks Off DNC

by Emily Green · September 4, 2012

    A man almost got away with smuggling 5.7 pounds of cocaine worth over $150,000 stuffed inside roasted chickens from Sao Paula, Brazil to Nigeria but was arrested at the Lagos airport upon arrival. [KTLA]

    Actor Michael Clarke Duncan, best known for his Oscar-nominated performance in The Green Mile, dies at age 54 of an apparent heart condition. [TMZ]

    Hollywood boutique owner Manuel Vasquez has compiled a 40-minute vinyl album of Charles Manson's songs and poetry recorded in prison and is selling them at his Highland Avenue shop. [LATimes]

    Hang on, everyone, Lana Del Rey is pursuing her dreams of becoming a screenwriter. [Vulture]

    The Democratic National Convention kicks off tonight in Charlotte, N.C. with a speech from FLOTUS Michelle Obama. [KABC]

    [Lana Del Rey at In-N-Out Burger via]