Serve Breakfast All Night At Your Next Event

by Emily Green · February 23, 2011

    You know that thing they say about the fastest way to man's heart being through his stomach? The same goes for party journalists. Snacks at events naturally give an advantage when it comes time to do the write up, because although the DJ may have played one Kesha or BEP song too many (meaning one) at least you fed me. Because of those delicious shrimp toasts and sliders, I'm willing to overlook serious gaffes that would otherwise be unforgivable, like not stocking the bars with Belvedere. But having to provide enough food to feed a party is serious business, where all too often quality takes a backseat quantity, and then you have Marriott banquet hall wedding food which is worse than no food at all.

    I'm not a chef so I don't have the answer to avoiding the wedding food trap but I will tell you that I could die happy never having to look at another chicken skewer for the remainder of my natural born life. Or any food that comes on a stick or skewer for that matter. Because we've been so blinded by the requisite passed trays of sweet potato fries and tuna tartare appetizers, it was made painfully clear at the Nivea for Men Grammy After Party that we've been missing the best option: breakfast, duh! How we are just now having this revelation is kind of embarrassing. You really can't go wrong with the most often skipped yet best meal of the day, and everyone knows breakfast tastes better at night. You show me a person who doesn't love breakfast, and I'll show you a psycho.

    The Nivea after party featured an omelet bar with men working the griddle to cook up custom omelets for party guests, as well as made-to-order mini pancakes and hash browns. This stroke of genius made us wonder why we don't see it more often, seeing as it is probably the best event food we've ever had, and fellow guests would tell you the same. If you want to hit that high note with your next party, we highly suggest you consider the breakfast route, and since they generally don't serve eggs and hash browns, you won't have the bad wedding food problem to worry about.