East coast transplants, caffeine tweakers and those who like their breakfast with rainbow sprinkles all have reason to rejoice, as the long awaited Pacific expansion of Dunkin' Donuts has finally proven to be more than a rumor with this week's confirmation that the first Southern California (anywhere in California, for that matter) Dunkin' Donuts is currently recruiting workers and will be opening soon. But don't call your endocrinologist just yet; since this particular DD is to be located at Camp Pendleton, you're gonna need military clearance to get at those sweet treats.

Regardless, based on statements made by DD senior director of franchise sales Jeremy Vitaro, this is the first step of a much bigger infusion of Dunkies into our market. And how are we, as notoriously local-brand-loyal Californians, supposed to take this news? Republished for your amusement is the point-counterpoint we published last August, when the rumors of Dunkin' in L.A. had just started, between myself and my brother Nick, two Boston-raised kids with ample Dunksperience:

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