Yes. You read that right. Prepare yourself, because AuBox is about to blow your liberal mind. Built on the premise that basically everyone loves marijuana in their own secret, unique way, but is still uncomfortable with the process of getting the goods, the deluxe, discreet deliverables are the answer you've been all too anxiously waiting for. 

Started by Jessica Versteeg - Miss Iowa 2014, model, Amazing Race contestant - and Rusty Deatherage - who just looks too much the part of a marijuana entrepreneur - the newly launched company will be offering up carefully curated boxes of cannabis-infused luxury goods even the most straight-edged of people wouldn't be able to pass up. We're talking sativa-infused coffee, handcrafted THC marshmallow peeps, hemp face creams and more.

While currently available only within California, we're sure the demand will have them shipping nationwide in a ridiculously short period of time. 

Time to kick your shady dealer to the curb. Flip through to check out some of the high-end themed boxes!

[Photos via AuBox]