VIDEO: Larry David Trapped, Yelling At Strangers In A Santa Monica Parking Garage

by Alex Gilman · March 21, 2012

    We've never really made a big secret around these parts about our abiding love for Larry David. As the standard bearer for perpetually cranky, deeply neurotic Jews, he's basically the closest thing to a rock star that I could ever aspire to be. Which is why it's all the more delightful when we see examples of just how close he is in real life to his "Curb Your Enthusiasm" character—examples like this Sunday footage of an utterly perplexed, fatootsed David getting stuck at a parking gate the Santa Monica Place parking garage.

    In fact, as Larry traipses down the line of waiting cars in complete befuddlement, it's hard to believe this isn't an outtake from a "Curb" taping. All the elements are there: the khakis-with-a-blazer-and-sneakers combo, the vocalized inner monologue, even the Prius! Of course, unlike "Curb Your Enthusiasm", somebody actually helps him out before the situation escalates into some sort of major taboo-shattering, tiny violin sign shitstorm situation, but there's always next time, right?

    As per TMZ's excellent suggestion, try watching it with the "Curb" theme playing to really take this experience to the next level.

    [Photo via, video via TMZ]