Everyone knows that the best Tumblrs aren't the ones with your artsy photographs, or amateur poetry, or your high school burn book. No, Tumblr is at its best when it's serving up a simple, humorous concept, preferably one that can be crowd sourced for new content so that you can be even more bitter about how little effort it took when the creators sign a six-figure book deal with Urban Outfitters. But as L.A. dwellers, few Tumblrs have delighted us as much as Rich Kids Of Instagram, a collection of gaudy lifestyle photos of lil' heirs and heiresses that are barely old enough to earn paper-route money.

While we're not yet sure who's behind this wonderful collection of private school kids acting like private school kids, there's an easy way to get in on the fun. When you're surfing Instagram and you stumble across a photo of some guy you went to preschool with eating lobster on the beach, or riding a horse through the Chateau Marmont, or whatever, pass it on to Rich Kids Of Instagram by tweeting it @richkidsofinsta, or dropping the hashtag #rkoi on it.

Check out the slideshow for some of our favorites so far, and we'll see you at the helipad!

[all photos via Rich Kids Of Instagram]