Are Marijuana Getaways The Chicest New Fitness Retreat?

by Millie Moore · June 5, 2017

    From green juices to supper clubs, there's no doubt that the marijuana industry is one of the hottest and fastest-growing. We've heard of luxury marijuana tours around the world that satiate your refined palettes, but why not take it to a spiritual level? Grab your girlfriends and go on a Ganja Goddess Getaway!

    Ganja Goddess Getaways believes that marijuana can be used as a "creative and spiritual tool" that fosters relationships with the inner self, with others, and the world. In their mission statement, they maintain that marijuana has therapeutic properties that "help us take down our walls and remove our masks so that we can love and heal our most authentic selves" and "helps women become the best versions of ourselves."

    The group is holding four retreats throughout California this August and September. Activities on these trips include yoga (obvi!), nature walks, edibles and dab bars, and even qi gong (whatever that is...?). These experiences are supposed to be all about self love, sisterhood, and personal growth. 

    Sure, it sounds like a total throwback to our summer camp days that we miss so dearly, but at least we're openly doing the drug that we would sneak off and do in the woods (I can't be the only one who pulled this stunt, right?). You're on your own for justifying this kind of therapeutic endeavor to your shrink, but hey, we're not judging you. We're just happy we don't have to pretend that we're too mature for a drug we used to smoke on the quad since now it's really chic.

    [Photo via @thecrystalcult]