Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...We're Live From Los Angeles!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 24, 2010

    In NY, we like to keep our ear to the Twitter wire to help us stay connected to some of our favorite character's comings and goings. We are going to continue the tradition in L.A. Know someone here we should follow? Let me know!

    @jordanrubin Having a stranger move your wet clothing from a public washing machine to the folding table is the mildest form of rape. about 9 hours ago via Twittelator

    @steveaoki La dim mak cinespace update! I might play pursuit of happiness tonite with a good friend for kicks. It'll be the quickest dj set ever. about 9 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @LATimescitydesk California campaign spending provides glimpse of what's to come for nation: http://bit.ly/df0dLK about 8 hours ago via Seesmic


    @hughhefner Played dominoes with the girls Tuesday night. Cristal Camden was the winner. about 9 hours ago via web


    @BarronHilton @LHearst Have a safe flight. Let's do something when your back about 10 hours ago via web in reply to LHearst


    @LevenRambin For the scoop on my role in SCOUNDRELS: http://tinyurl.com/ybpoq7n Hope you guys watch and enjoy!! about 11 hours ago via web

    @MariahCarey Getting ready for my 1st night in LA on the Angel's Advocate tour..Roque and Jake r swinging it home w/the make up and hair,JJ is on my lap about 12 hours ago from web

    @ParisHilton Inspired by "Breakfast at Tiffany's" These are some of the shots that were taken at SNL Studios when I hosted Satur... http://bit.ly/9auOtB about 17 hours ago via TypePad

    @PerezHilton Breaking! CHARLIE SHEEN enters rehab! http://bit.ly/9ITTId about 19 hours ago via web