Twitteriffic Tweets: Cloning, Burritos, And Jon Bon Jovi

by Emily Green · August 2, 2010

    @spencerpratt starting construction on my cloning facility. I will make my own friends. 3 minutes ago via web - @HarMarSuperstar I've been lying in bed trying to will a burrito from Poquito Mas here, but no luck. Guess I'll drive there. about 2 hours ago via mobile web

    @misswill The conga line on #madmen - best holiday party moment in TV history. @littleylittley half a minute ago via web - @MDMOLINARI RT @MandoFresko Tonight night join me at @thehwood Tea Room.Chandeliers, candle light and GOOD MUSIC (provided by yours truly)! about 1 hour ago via Twittelator

    @peaches_g If you squint your eyes, Jon Bon Jovi looks like a MILF. about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    - @StoneRokk RT @BENBALLER: Smh. I go to a low key getaway spot for relaxation and I run into the rainbow ambassador @StoneRokk time to change resorts! 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck