Twitteriffic Tweets: Monday Night Plans, Divorce & Twitter ID Theft

by Emily Green · June 28, 2010

    @MDMOLINARI Tea Room Live & then Molinari Mondays RT @JoJoistheway @MDMOLINARI Whats up at H Wood tonight sexkitten? 10 minutes ago via Twittelator

    @samantharonson @steveaoki good times last night. Sundays are gonna be awesome! 12 minutes ago via UberTwitter in reply to steveaoki

    - @KimKardashian My sister Kendall wants to join twitter but someone has her name! We want her name back and no one at twitter will respond! Grrrrrrr 15 minutes ago via TweetGenius

    @spencerpratt @BrodyJenner you better make sure Avril didn't have to give all her cash to wobley post divorce and she has enough $ to buy you some toys! about 1 hour ago via web in reply to BrodyJenner

    @chelseahandler T.I. and I reunite on tonights episode. He is super horny for me, and licked his lips a LOT. Its sad to have to always turn down the rappers 3 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    @peoplesrev I will wear pink for a week if that rumor is true about 1 hour ago via Facebook

    - @bjpandabear Heads up I'm playing my bday with @NARtwats on weds at la boum at Bardot 10 minutes ago via Echofon