Twitteriffic Tweets: Paris Likes The Carpool Lane; Steve Aoki Tries To Feed His Friend To A Shark; Chelsea Thinks Chuy's Book Is Worthless

by Emily Green · April 2, 2010

    @Dirt_Nasty So glad to be back in LA from that trip I never took to Paris. 43 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    - @steveaoki Cape town I love u! Went to seal island. Same spot filmed in planet earth! Tried to feed the 12 ft shark @thecobrasnake but he didn't care. about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @ParisHilton The Carpool Lane Rules!! Glad @NickyHilton is with me about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

    - @donald_faison Shopping with your girl in Vegas... Is just like shopping with your girl any where else... about 2 hours ago via Tweetie

    @petewentz Just hung with Alexandra Cousteau and talked about clean water and liveearth you'll be able to scope it on tv. Ill post deets when I get em 8 minutes ago via UberTwitter

    @whitneyEVEport I love these pics of me and @laurenconrad and @lobosworth! This was such a fun shoot 12 minutes ago via web

    @chelsealately Chuy's book "Little Nuggets of Wisdom" is now available. Go buy it so you can learn nothing. about 4 hours ago via Tweetie