Twitteriffic Tweets: The Best And Worst Of L.A.

by Emily Green · July 6, 2010

    @Jo_Castellanos I need AMAZING spots all over LA to show my UK peeps coming in next week. Any recommendations? 22 minutes ago via web

    @PerezHilton Lindsay deserves an award for this courtroom speech! #Tears 5 minutes ago via web

    - @rainnwilson Know anyone that can install a gun rack in my Prius? 30 minutes ago via web -

    @HarMarSuperstar I cant' wait to see Inception! It'll single-handedly wipe the slate clean of the terrible shit clogging up theaters this summer. about 3 hours ago via web

    @TheMandyMoore Shouldn't june gloom be over by now?? Come on sunshine!! about 4 hours ago via txt

    - @harleypasternak So happy to be in LA....miss my egg white omelet and oatmeal breakfast about 4 hours ago via web

    - @DamoneRoberts The BH Courthouse is right by my Salon. It's chaos with Lindsay Lohan. I had to turn around & go a diff route because of all the news vans. 4 minutes ago via web