Twitterific Tweets, Harvey Weinstein At Gagosian, Dior At The Chateau

by Rachelle Hruska · March 5, 2010

    @BarronHilton About to watch I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I've heard bad reviews, but who cares its 3 am and I can't sleep. about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @johncmayer Anybody here a Blue Nile fan? "A Walk Across the Rooftops" might be the record you've been waiting for...that came out 25 yrs ago. about 6 hours ago via Twittelator

    @thecajunboy: Brett Favre is on Leno tonight. Jay's people are obviously using the "book only guests who're more hated than the host" image rehab strategy about 11 hours ago via web

    @weareyourfek Holy. Shit. Remember that show after Saved by the Bell on TBS, California Dreams? They reunited tonight on Fallon! about 11 hours ago via web

    @Scottlipps around...catching up with Lee Trink... about 12 hours ago via web


    @womensweardaily John Waters, Barbara Davis + Molly Shannon walk into a's not a joke, it's the Andreas Gursky opening @ Gagosian Bev Hills about 12 hours ago via OpenBeak

    @hydeordie almost body checked harvey weinstein...he was surprisingly pleasent about 12 hours ago via txt


    @tinsleymortimer Going to the Dior dinner at the Chateau in an amazing hot pink Dior dress (of course!!) ;) ;) about 13 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @latimes Ever been to Hollywood Blvd. and checked out the stars on the sidewalk and wanted more? Here's much more: about 13 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @LevenRambin Watch GREY'S tonight! about 13 hours ago via web


    @tylershields What do you think about getting everyone together for one crazy group shot? whos in? @BambolaBambina @halesbells @LevenRambin @ElleSatine about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck