Twitterific Tweets: Katherine Heigl And Ashton Kutcher Naked Together, Coachella Chatter

by Rachelle Hruska · March 18, 2010

    @tylershields I wish i was there have you guys hit outback yet? RT At Olive Garden with @LevenRambin and thought of you TS @TylerShields about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @BarronHilton Anyone hear about the Safari Tents at Coachella? about 5 hours ago via web

    @thecajunboy How did the Chase credit card commercial couple get to use points to go skiing when the wife previously used all their points on a dress? about 10 hours ago via web

    @ActuallyNPH Hank Azaria will be PLAYING Gargamel for the Smurfs film, not just providing a voice. He'll be live action. Perfect casting, can't wait! about 7 hours ago via Twitterrific

    @JustJared Katherine Heigl & Ashton Kutcher: Naked in Bed!: Former Grey’s Anatomy babe Katherine Heigl lays down naked alongs... about 8 hours ago via twitterfeed

    @jaredleto Thank u! RT @krn2627: @30SECONDSTOMARS @jaredleto i'm from mexico.. I got my tickets for LA .. i'm so happy :) about 10 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @latimes 30 members of motorcycle gang arrested in Riverside County RT @LANow about 11 hours ago via HootSuite

    @derekblasberg Just left the Runaways premiere. Lesbian sex scenes, rampant drug use and flagrant crotch shots: Dakota Fanning, I didn't think you'd do it! about 11 hours ago via web