CA's "Click It Or Ticket" Beefs Up

by Emily Green · May 25, 2010

    Click it or ticket is right. A crackdown on people cruising without their seatbelts is currently in effect in California and traffic safety officials have raised the stakes by upping fines for offenders. What once incurred a fine of less than $100 will now cost you a minimum of $142, not to mention $445 for a first-time offense involving children under 16. Our beloved California Highway Patrol officers, as well as local law enforcement, have increased their policing of motorists not wearing safety belts and will continue to enforce their beefed up "Click It or Ticket" campaign through June 6.

    The fact that people still resist wearing seatbelts these days is astonishing, but apparently the problem is widespread enough to prompt an aggressive campaign like this. Do you even know anyone who habitually neglects to wear a seatbelt? Do we really have that many hillbillies cruising around in their pickups with their dog riding shotgun to occasion this crackdown? I have to believe most of the incidents of people caught riding without seatbelts occurred in the boonies, like Fresno but whatever.

    Guys, if you're one of the fools not doing so already, just buckle your shit up, okay?

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